We engaged with Florence to travel to Singapore and Melbourne to deliver negotiation training workshops to our regional sales teams.

The structure of the workshops were fantastic, in that it gave our team new knowledge and skills to be more impactful sellers, including a number of role play assignments to truly embed their comprehension of the training they had received.

The workshops were incredibly well received by our teams, with a number already putting their new skills into practice to close the current deals they are working on.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this training to any organisation that is looking to help upskill and empower their sales team with key negotiation skills and techniques.

Senior Sales Training & Enablement Manager – APAC


Provided a fascinating insight into the negotiation style that we currently display. Forcing us to consider our approach to negotiation situations, I found I represent a win win / Trader approach, but with limited desire to compete and actively seek the win.

Florence outlined the different characteristics to approaching negotiation phases and highlighted the need for patience and guile in negotiation…a move towards to Purple zone that sits between Red and Blue.

Patience and guile in negotiation

Without doubt I, and my team who you trained, found your course immensely valuable. You gave us an excellent insight into the dynamics of the negotiation process and without question improved our negotiating confidence and thus capability. On a personal level the improvement in my own personal negotiating skills has been immeasurable and I can personally attest that the course fee has been repaid many times.

Immensely Valuable

Our feedback sheets have confirmed what I thought – your session came out on top as one of the most effective and popular this year. Thank you very much indeed.

Effective & Popular

Excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the case simulations!

Excellent Course

Very nicely presented with real life examples that can be related to as well.

Real life examples

Many thanks to you and the team for a terrific negotiation course in Amsterdam last week. The course was a excellent blend of theoretical and practical learning, very well facilitated, and some extremely valuable insights offered from the expert panelists.

Theoretical and practical learning

I searched far and wide the most prominent material on negotiation available today and am convinced that the Kennedy methodology is superior in its clarity and practical applicability.

To reiterate the Kennedy approach has the following advantages to me:

1. Simple process description
2.Purple negotiation concept
3. If you…. then I… cast of haggling and reaching agreement.
4. The format of the scenarios.

Clear & Practical