Company Background

We have been providing negotiation training and consultancy for over 25 years.

The company was founded in 1986 by Professor Gavin Kennedy, and since its inception we have trained thousands of managers (executives, sales, accounts, delivery, programme & procurement) in hundreds of organisations throughout the world. In addition we have run specialist negotiation seminars in Europe, USA, Caribbean, Middle and Far East, Australasia and South Africa.

As our name implies, we specialise in Negotiation Training unlike many of our competitors who offer a range of training programmes with no particularly strong focus.

Our materials have been developed through painstaking and original research, and over the years have survived the challenges of delegates who operate in the ‘hard knocks’ school of experience.

Our case studies are drawn from real life business situations and are designed to concentrate solely on the negotiable issues thus avoiding involvement in unrelated and unrewarding side issues.

Our founder Prof Gavin Kennedy, is an internationally recognised negotiator. He is the author of no less than 11 books on negotiation research and practice, with a number of these translated into more than 15 languages throughout the world.

To support our core activities we have produced two highly acclaimed training videos which are based on our ‘Four Phase’ methodology.

Our workshops transcend every business sector. We operate in the Public and Private Sector.

Our clients are drawn from Banking and Finance, Retail, National Health Authorities, Property and Construction Groups, Service Sector, Information Technology, The Media, Food Production and The Oil and Gas Industry etc.

Our proprietary “Four Phase” model and “Purple Zone” approach applies to all negotiation situations and are invaluable tools for you as a negotiator.

Please beware of those training companies offering our proprietary materials, unless they have written permission from Negotiate Ltd. Why settle for a pale imitation?

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What our clients say…

Provided a fascinating insight into the negotiation style that we currently display. Forcing us to consider our approach to negotiation situations, I found I represent a win win / Trader approach, but with limited desire to compete and actively seek the win.

Florence outlined the different characteristics to approaching negotiation phases and highlighted the need for patience and guile in negotiation…a move towards to Purple zone that sits between Red and Blue.

Patience and guile in negotiation

Without doubt I, and my team who you trained, found your course immensely valuable. You gave us an excellent insight into the dynamics of the negotiation process and without question improved our negotiating confidence and thus capability. On a personal level the improvement in my own personal negotiating skills has been immeasurable and I can personally attest that the course fee has been repaid many times.

Immensely Valuable